The dream of Spring is a promise of new beginnings. As temperatures rise and the world around us blossoms with life, this season is ripe for celebration…

For WillBO, Spring begins our story.  In its newness, we blossom into a new style of life and play in America - reshaping the landscape of sport. With each season, our journey takes us to a different and unique region where certain games, sports and activities reveal the magic of play.  We'll explore a healthier pace - on courts, up mountains, in oceans, over trails, and our own backyards - we invite you to join us in pursuit of a life well-played and well-lived. 

WillBO is proud to present our freshman collection for the Spring of 2021 -Defenders of the Desert. 

This Spring, our lens draws focus on California’s Palm Desert where we step into the timeless spirit and culture of the region’s most sought-after games - golf, tennis and croquet. These classics carry strong international histories and share similar paths in finding their permanent homes in the California Desert. One by one, each was called here to be played on courts and courses under those towering, purple mountains and along some of the greenest stretches of grass in the world. The same balance of concentration and confidence, strategy and patience, luck and skill, is rewarded in this arid cathedral. Underlying is a languid, leisurely spirit, a salve for the soul that refreshes in the waves of warm air off the mountain. 

Our spring collection is comprised of two primary fabric stories – cotton and nylon. Easy-wearing silhouettes reflect a timelessness in these desert games and feature subtle, modern detailing.  This is WillBỌ’s new style of play. The season's color story respects tradition, with all-whites for match-play, and vintage black for gatherings post-play. Hints of sage green and wildflower yellow pay homage to the region’s flora, while oasis blue breathes the beauty of desert sky.  

The curiously fun Roadrunner aptly serves as our season’s mascot. We are guests in his vast playground and he reminds us of his history here. As Chuck Jones famously portrayed "Roadie" in "The Looney Tunes", we too play in mischief and fun in the Desert, running high on life as we escape coyotes, while reveling in the simple joys of life alongside fellow characters, our friends …

Here’s to defending the magic of California’s Desert.

Beep Beep,

Robbie McInerny